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Boxes of locally-sourced meat, fruit & veg

Bring Me Home Box

We are a subscription service delivering boxes of local, in-season produce and restaurant-quality meats to your doorstep. We work with local produce and protein suppliers so we can deliver you with top-notch goodies that are better for the environment.

Our lovely subscribers have helped us achieved this much so far... and there's far more to come!

8,740Kg+ of food saved

6,759,000L+ of water saved

18,450Kg+ of CO2 prevented

Free delivery. Always.

As long as you live inside our delivery area, you won't need to pay any delivery fees for your fruits and veggies. Doesn't matter what box option you choose, what type of building you live in, or even if you think Nadal is better than Federer — you only pay for your food, not delivery.

Supporting local.

We purposefully partnered with local suppliers who can ensure low food miles for the fruit, veg and meats that go into our boxes. This also means that you're getting fresher ingredients because we don't source carrots from Timbuktu!

Get variety. Get creative.

With every order you will get a wide variety of different produce and proteins—some will be your classic favourites, but you may also find things that you've never tasted before. Not all of us can compete on Masterchef, but every box that's delivered is a chance for you to complete your own Mystery Box Challenge!

Minimal produce packaging.

Our produce boxes don't come in fancy boxes lined with bubble wrap, and we love it that way. Each delivery comes in a re-usable box from our suppliers, with little-to-no plastic packaging.

Our drivers can also pick up your box during your next delivery... unless your cat's already claimed it as their own.

You're in control.

You can pick whether you want a box of only fruit or only veg or a mix of both! And to give you extra control, you can determine whether you want weekly or fortnightly deliveries.

Our subscriptions are so flexible it's like they've just finished a Yoga teaching course in Bali — perfect for those of us with commitment issues. 

Better for the environment.

Every year, 75 Kilotonnes of food, are thrown out in Australian during the manufacturing and wholesale stages of the food supply chain alone.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, this waste has only increased and has affected Aussie growers, producers and wholesalers. With every order of a Bring Me Home Box you're getting restaurant-quality ingredients that would otherwise end up without a home.

Words from some lovely people

"I'm already looking forward to my next box and love that it's not full of unnecessary packaging. Seasonal and local is very evident in the produce provided.”

Ros (Variety Box in Melbourne)

"The boxes are great, very fresh and good value. The variety also gives me an opportunity to try out new recipes with ingredients I've never cooked with before! Makes me really happy knowing that I'm supporting local farmers and reducing food waste. Highly recommend!"

Willar (Vegetable Box in Oatley)

Quality is awesome, very fresh compared to what we have been getting. Truly awesome idea and well executed. Can't wait for my next delivery!

Jane (Protein Box in Coburg)

"Really good quality — I loved the variety of produce items, I have previously cancelled boxes from other companies because there was a lack of variety. Really fresh — was so surprised and happy to receive a punnet of fresh raspberries! I thought there was a good mix of staples too."

Penny (Variety Box in Kensington)

All the meats looked and tasted high quality. I loved the variety and am very excited to see what I can create. I love how everything is packaged, as well!

Jasmin (Protein Box in Melbourne)

"I was extremely pleased with the amount of produce in the box, definitely worth the money. I was pleasantly surprised on both the variety and quality of produce. There was a decent variety of vegetables in there, all the types of stuff I normally buy and am familiar with which was good.”

Wendy (Variety Box in Hadfield)

"Not only is it convenient and farmer-friendly but it's also encouraging me to experiment with new dishes.”

Conor (Variety box in Fitzroy North)

"Value for money. Perfect amount and great variety. Best box we have had delivered ever!”

Beth (Variety Box in Elsternwick)

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