A guide to reviving your food

Bought a little too much on your last grocery shop? Forgot something hidden at the back of your fridge? Overcooked that steak? We’ve all been there.
Even if you’re super careful, mistakes in the kitchen happen.

But don’t worry, in many instances, you can still turn those would-be throwaways into usable ingredients and delicious meals. Here’s a quick guide on how to turn some common cooking mishaps into yumminess!

Droopy vegetables
Leafy greens go bad really quickly, so it’s best to plan out your groceries to make sure you’ll use them before they do! Alternatively, it’s actually alright to freeze leafy vegetables if you know you won’t be using them so soon. The nutritional value and taste of your frozen veggies doesn’t change too much when you freeze them, just be sure to defrost them in the refrigerator slowly!

If you’ve accidentally forgotten that bunch of coriander you bought last Sunday, chill, it’s all good! It happens to the best of us. All you need to do is give those droopy veggies a quick soak in ice water for 5 to 10 minutes to reinvigorate them. If the vegetable’s roots are still present, you can also try leaving them to sit in a cup of fresh water.

Overcooked vegetables and meat
Left some broccoli on the heat for too long or put a steak into an oven that’s too hot? You can still make delicious meals out of mushy vegetables and tough meats!

You can puree overcooked veggies into soups with a food processor. Add a dash of cream to make it creamier and you’ll have a warm homely soup in no time. Serve with a side of toasted brioche and you’ll have turned a dinner disaster into a hearty meal.

To recover overcooked meats, its slightly trickier, but still doable. Tasty meat relies on protein, fat and liquid. Overcooking meat renders out the fat and liquid, leaving only the tough protein fibres. It’s why an overdone stake tastes like cardboard.

Despite this, you can still salvage overcooked meats! Following the logic of protein + fat + liquid, adding those last two components will allow you to have delicious meat. Don’t stew any overcooked meat. Instead, mix your meat with olive oil and you can blend it to use as stuffing for dumplings or pies!


Stale food
Left a bag of chippies open for too long and they’ve gotten stale? No worries. All you have to do is pop them into your oven to revive them. If you’ve done the same to a loaf of bread, you should douse them with some water before popping it into the oven. Try to keep the cut section away from the running water. Leave it in an oven for about 8 minutes at 150 Celsius and you’ll have a perfectly fresh loaf! Alternatively, you can always just toast that bread.