Can I eat this?

Have you ever looked at a broccoli stalk or cauliflower leaves and asked yourself "Can I eat this?" I know I have! There've been too many times when I've just mindlessly chucked out a part of the vegetable I'm cooking with just because I've never eaten it before.

Well if you've been like past-me, we're clarifying a few myths about what you can and can't eat when it comes to some of our fave veggies.


The leaves of the cauliflower are usually torn away so people can get to the white meat of the cauliflower, or trimmed away for aesthetic purposes in stores. But the leaves are edible, and more importantly, really really really tasty! 

You can chop them up and stir fry them or roast it into a crisp with some salt and olive oil. They're like kale chips that you'll actually enjoy! So now you don't have an excuse to not cook with the whole cauliflower!


Green potatoes aren’t some otherworldly mutation, but they’re a funky phenomena for spuds. If you’ve ever had a green potato before, it’s most likely because they haven’t been kept properly… oops!

Potatoes turn green when exposed to sunlight, with the green colour coming from chlorophyll forming at their peel. Unfortunately, they also create a poisonous toxin called solanine. To prevent this, all you have to do is keep your potatoes in an arid, shaded space.

So, if you have a kermit-green potato, please don't eat it!


Let’s not beet around the bush. Stop chucking out these perfectly good and delicious leaves!

Did you know you can eat beet leaves? Roast them, sautee them, even puree them as part of your homemade pesto sauce. They’re versatile as a leafy vegetable and don’t deserve to go into the bin!


Don't ditch broccoli stems! They may not be as pretty as broccoli florets, but they are just as nutritious and delicious. All you have to do is chop them up and cook them as you would the florets. Or you can cut them up and roast them into crunchy broccoli shoestring fries! Or slice the stalk super thin add a little bit of salt and pop it into the oven so they crisp up into cauliflower chips! So many possibilities!