Veggies by the season


Ever wonder we people go on and on about in-season produce? Here's why:

✅ Better for the environment

✅ They often cost less

✅ They're tastier


Better for the environment

The reason why they're better for the environment is that it takes a lot more resources (land, water, electricity, petrol, etc.) to farm, process and distribute out-of-season produce.

Have you seen avocados grow in the winter? Me neither. It takes more resources to farm out-of-season produce because you have to reproduce the right conditions for them to grow. And when you can't reproduce those conditions, in order to get Avocados in below 10-degree winter days, you'll have to get them delivered from thousands of Kms away, so it's racking up a heap of frequent-flyer-food-miles.

Buying in-season, local produce ensures that the veggies you buy and eat aren't using up more resources than they should be.

Cost less

In-season veggies use fewer resources to produce, so they cost less when you buy them... simple!

Because the producers aren't spending extra on the water, electricity or petrol to get their veggies farmed and distributed, they don't have these extra costs to pass on to the end consumer—that's you.

It might not be a tip from the Barefoot Investor, but buying in-season is better for your wallet.

Tasty tasty tasty!

When veggies are farmed in the conditions that they thrive in, and when they aren't frozen so they can travel thousands of kms, they're just tastier. It's not rocket science... because if it were, I DEFINITELY wouldn't be the one writing this blog.

Check out below for some of our in-season veggie guide for every season!