Egg & Dairy Boxes

We work with local suppliers of eggs, dairy products and non-dairy milk alternatives so that we can offer you with these high-quality and sustainable box options.

The eggs that go in our boxes are 100% free range and all of the dairy and dairy-alternative products are the same ones that you'll find in some of your favourite cafes and restaurants.

Our suppliers:
Eggs from Burd Eggs
Dairy products from Saint David Dairy
Oat milk from Minor Figures
Soy milk from Bonsoy
Almond milk from Milklab
Are you looking to up your barista game? Do you go through cereal like a fish through water? Is having one egg just never enough?

This lovely box comes with trays of 100% free range eggs and your milk of choice so you can enjoy your café au lait and scrambled eggs to your heart's content!
Egg & Milk Boxes
Do you have a penchant for baking? Love to mix up brekky every now and then? Or do you just appreciate the delicious simplicity of a bloody good omelette?

In addition to free range eggs and your choice of milk, this box also comes with artisanal yoghurt and butter so you can level up your brekky and baking.
Egg & Dairy Boxes