Our boxes make an impact.

Every box...

  • Plants trees
  • Reduces food waste
  • Uses minimal packaging
  • Supports local suppliers

Our lovely subscribers have helped us achieve this much so far... and there's heaps more to come!

of food saved

of water saved

of CO2 prevented

trees planted this year

We plant trees for every subscriber, every month.

We don't only want our boxes to minimise negative impact to the environment, we want them to create a positive impact. That's why every month, we plant a tree for every Bring Me Home Box subscription.

Reducing food waste.

To minimise wholesale food waste, every produce and protein box is what Masterchef likes to call a "Mystery Box"—the contents of every box will be a delicious surprise every week! Our local suppliers curate these boxes every week for seasonality, freshness and availability.

Our boxes also contain "imperfect produce". Fruits and veggies that are still super delicious but aren't sold to supermarkets just because they look a little diffferent!

Minimal produce packaging.

Our produce boxes don't come in fancy boxes lined with bubble wrap, and we love it that way. Each delivery comes in a reusable box from our suppliers, with little-to-no plastic packaging.

Leave your box out for our drivers to pick up for future use!

Supporting local

We've purposefully partnered with local suppliers who can ensure low food miles for the fruit, veg and meats that go into our boxes. This means that you're getting fresher ingredients that taste better, too!

Eco-friendly takeaway

Our Bring Me Home app actually allows you to get takeaway from your favourite restaurants, cafes and bakeries at up to 70% off! All the while, helping to fight food waste too! Check out our app and the awesome deals near you today!

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