Wanna learn something new about your fave fruit & veg?

It can be hard coming up with new ways to cook with fruit & veg, so we've got your back. These aren't full-fledged recipes (we're no Gordon Ramsey!), they're a collection of tips, ideas and thought-starters that might help get your creative cooking juices flow!

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Okay. You've got a nice, ripe apple. What do you do? You're gonna take a bite out of that juicy, round boy. There's nothing wrong with that, but wanna know what you can do if you've let your apples ripen a wee bit too long?

All you need is some sugar and lemon to turn old apples into apple sauce! Let some chopped apples simmer with some sugar and lemon juice until it softens. After that, transfer everything to a food processor and puree it!

Apples are also a great sweet treat to add into your other baking adventures. Use up old apples in cakes, muffins and pancakes! Just because they're old, doesn't mean they're no good.

Pork and apples go well together, why not use old apples in the stuffing?
Simply dice up your old apples and include them in your roast pork stuffing. The results are delicious!


Got some bananas at home you wanna do something funky with? Here are a couple of our favourite tips to make the most of them!

If your bananas are becoming overripe (oops), no worries! Pick up your apron and get baking. A delicious loaf of home-made banana bread makes for a delightful tea time snack.

Besides this, you can make tasty smoothies with frozen bananas. Just remove the banana flesh, freeze it, then blend it into a sweet better-than-average beverage.

Did you know you could use bananas to ripen other fruit? Have some avocados that are taking forever to ripen? Put them next to a banana, it'll speed things up for you.

When you're satisfied with all your banana creations, make use of the banana peel too! Compost it to make great fertiliser for your garden!


Figuring out new ways to to use fruit and veg can be hard, but try to stay upbeet!! See what we did there? Get it? ...Anyways, here are a few different ways you can use beetroot differently in your cooking.

Pickled beetroot is great for burgers, sandwiches, salads and on it's own. All you need is some vinegar, water and sugar for the brine. It'll keep for longer too!

Alternatively, you can impress your friends or treat yourself to a fine beet-cured salmon. Simply wrap some slices of beetroot, salt and other herbs around your cut of salmon. Add some weights evenly and wait. You'll have a beautiful gradated salmon to slice and use in bagels or flatbread in 2-3 days!

Beet soup or Borscht is a sour soup common in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. To make it, mix together beets, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and onions with chicken stock, add salt and pepper to taste. Boil until soft and serve with a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche.

Lastly, you can eat beets as is! Toss em in salads for a healthy and fibrous

Brown onions

Onions can pretty much go in any meal you cook. Bolognese? Onions. Fried rice? Onions. French onion soup? Onions.

But you can do heaps more with these round boys!

Did you know you could regrow an entire new onion from scraps? It'll take time of course, but growing your own food can be a lovely experience in of itself. All you need to do is cut the base of the onion and have its roots sit in a dish of water. After a week or two, you should start seeing it germinate. Once it's grown larger, you can then repot it in soil for further growth. It'll take a few months for it to grow into a harvestable onion, but it's also one of the easiest crops to regrow.

Besides growing new food, onion peels can be easily turned into compost. There are many different ways to compost your food scraps, but onion peels can be mixed into your usual compost bins or dropped into soil. Note that this in reference to onion peels only! Composting of onion flesh must be done so with care due to it's potential odour and is not recommended when vermicomposting.

Brussels sprouts

Do you trust me? Okay, here we go: brussels sprouts. Once the bane of my childhood, I've grown to (now, stay with me) like them for their versatility.

Sauté your brussels sprouts in a hot skillet and season with olive oil, salt
and pepper. It's a simple dish for soft brussels sprouts.

Alternatively, you can pop them into the oven to roast! Have them on the side for your entree of choice.

You can also bake brussels sprouts into your favourite creamy sauces! Try a brussels sprout gratin, simply stir in cream with your brussels sprouts, then bake with a topping of bacon and cheeses. It's a hearty warm dish, perfect for sharing.


Cauliflower, or as I used to call it growing up "oh-no-please-no-really-could-we-please-not", is a wonderfully versatile vegetable. You only need to look at the past few seasons of Masterchef to know that it's a popular stand-in for your traditional beef steak.

But cauliflower steaks aside, there's a part of the cauliflower that we bet you haven't cooked up before.

Instead of throwing away or composting their leaves, try roasting it in the
oven with some salt and olive oil. Season with some optional herbs and other spices. In 15-20 minutes you'll have healthy, and most importantly, delicious, chips.

Go on. Give it a go!


No idea what to make with eggplants? Good thing they’re such versatile fruit. Yup, eggplants aren’t vegetables! Who knew?

You can grill them with salt and pepper and pop them into your sandwiches, salads and wraps. It’s a delicious addition to your usual fare.

Stuff an eggplant with minced meat and diced peppers and onions. Season well and bake it for a scrumptious hot meal.

Alternatively, stir fry eggplant cubes with some dark soy sauce, light soy
sauce, oyster sauce and chopped garlic. Dress with sesame seeds and scallions for a hearty dish to go with rice or noodles!

Did you know you can bake eggplant fritters? Simply use panko bread crumb batter and bake until crispy. Alternatively, oven-baked eggplant with tomatoes, zucchini and mozzarella cheese always makes for a homely treat.

Now go and cook some delish eggplant and then tell your friend the awesome new eggplant fact you just learned.


Ermergerd! Have you heard?! Fennel is so in-season! Wondering what to do with this mysterious bulbous vegetable? Here are a few suggestions.

Make a slaw with chopped fennel. All you have to do is mix it together with some light sour cream, lemon juice and dijon mustard. It's a light and
delicious side dish to go with your main meal.

Otherwise, pop them into an oven and season some salt and pepper. You can roast it together with other vegetables of your choice too!

Craving something warm and homely? Make a fennel gratin! All it takes is a hearty dose of heavy cream and parmesan cheese. The oven is always your friend.


If you thought that the only way to enjoy these tiny balloons of sweetness was to simply pop them in your mouth and start chewing... think again.

To add even more crunch to them, grapes can be frozen and turned into a
delicious snack that keeps for ages. But be careful about brain freeze!

If you’d like to change things up even more, blend your frozen grapes to make a smoothie or milkshake! All you need to do is add milk and/or yogurt. You can, and SHOULD, also toss in any other fruit you want. You do you!

Green beans

Have you bean wanting to try something new in the kitchen? Have you bean feeling a bit daunted? Have I bean over-using this pun?

If you answered "yes" to all those questions, then this might be what you've bean waiting for, because we've got a heap of ideas of how you can use green beans in different ways, and also, I'm going to stop with the bean puns... NOW.

Green beans are a perfect vegetable to add into your curry, especially if
you're looking for something crunchy in texture.

You can boil your green beans and use them in your every day salads. We
recommend adding some fresh cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. It's an
alternative to your leafy salad!

Have some minced meat in the fridge? Toss it together with some green beans for a delicious stir-fried dish. There many variations to this, such as the Szechuan version with peppercorn and dried chilli or South East Asian version with sambal belacan. You can't go wrong with a humble stir-fry of green beans, garlic, salt and oil!

Alternatively, bake your green beans into a hearty casserole of cheese,
mushroom cream and onions. It's a perfect dish for cheese-lovers!


Get creative with kale! There’s heaps that you can do with these leafy boys other than just using them in a salad. So here are a few perfect recipes you can try any day — rain, kale or shine!

Sautée them to get rid of their bitterness. Toss in some garlic, salt, pepper
and olive oil for a fragrant dish. And you can add chilli flakes, if you’re
feeling spicy.

You can also turn kale leaves into crispy chips! Roast them in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. It’s a tasty snack and healthy alternative to store-bought potato chips.

Kale pesto is versatile for pasta, spreads, pizza toppings and so much more! All you need is to grind kale, garlic, parmesan and pine nuts with olive oil. Season it with salt and other herbs to taste.

Lastly, the humble salad. In addition to traditional kale salads, consider
making kale side salads for burrito bowls or as fillings for wraps! Chop up
your kale leaves and season with your dressing of choice.


We've got some sensitive info to........... leek. BOOM!

But seriously, while we're recovering from that amazing/terrible pun, why don't you have a look at our top secret recipes for this delish veg.

Leeks are a versatile veggie, you can use it as a replacement to onions.
Stirfry it with some meat, soy sauce and sesame oil for a fragrant dish to go with rice.

Otherwise, chop it up and roast it as a delicious side dish. You can also bake it into a frittata, which is a hearty mix of eggs, milk and other vegetables. Veg doesn't have to be boring, turn them in a scrumptious meal!

It's cold this winter, a warm potato leek soup will help you weather through the chills. Top it off with some toasted bread and you'll have a lovely stay-at-home comfort meal.


Honesty time: We couldn’t think of a parsnip pun, so PLEASE let us know if you come up with one.

Anyways… you can use parsnips in a variety of ways, here are some of our suggestions!

Chop up your parsnips into long and thin sticks, season with salt and pepper to bake. Delicious and low prep, the biggest hassle is waiting for your parsnips to roast!

Besides this, you can puree your roasted parsnips with milk, cream, butter and garlic. Pop in some parsley for extra flavour! It’s a delicious side to any main course.

Want some finger food? Try your hand at making some latkes or potato cakes. You can add chopped parsnips into the usual potato cake batter and fry it for a crispy snack. All you need for the batter is all-purpose flour and some eggs!

Alternatively, you can toss your parsnips and make a warm and hearty soup, perfect for winter. Try making a clear soup with parsnips, carrots, onions and potatoes, toss in some chopped chicken breast for flavour. You can use this soup for noodles too!


Got some beautiful red radishes in your fruit and veg boxes and not sure what to do with them? Here are a few tips for how you can dress up your meals with these gorgeous beauties.

Radishes can be pickled easily with the typical pickling brine of vinegar, sugar and salt! Simply mix together thinly sliced radishes and brine in a jar and keep for several weeks. They're good with sandwiches, salads and more!

Alternatively, you could roast them with a dash of salt and pepper! Nothing beats a warm roasted vegetable during the cold of winter.

Not up to cooking? No worries! You can slice raw radishes for a fresh and tasty salad! Top it off with a salad dressing that's on the sweeter side to balance its spice!


Wondering what those red stems are in your produce box? Those are rhubarb stalks, read a book!

They’re bright pink and just a bit tangy, perfect for sweet recipes. But don’t eat the leaves! Fun fact: They’re poisonous and create kidney stones… Hmmm, I guess that’s not that fun. But you can still toss those leafy boys into the compost bin, it’s perfectly safe to do so.

Rhubarb can be used to make a sweet sauce to go with your savoury main meals! Simply boil the stalks with some vinegar, sugar and onions. You’ll have a colourful, show-stopping sauce in a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can bake chopped rhubarb right into your baked goods. We recommend rhubarb muffins for a sweet tea-time treat! Otherwise, a rhubarb crumble is another baked delight. Turn your baked apples a lovely shade of pink!

Spring onions

Spring onions are a no-brainer for the shopping list, especially when you're cooking some delicious asian-inspired dishes that need a bit more garnish.

But do you know what else you can do with spring onions? Save money!

Spring onions grow very quickly and easily. You can either get a small glass of water and place the shoot inside with the roots attached or you can also replant them in soil. If you're doing the latter, be sure to leave the white stems above the soil!

Within a few days, these shoots will regrow with fresh green leaves, perfect to be cut and used as garnish in cooking. There you go. No need to buy any more spring onions!

Sweet potato

The sweet potato is no longer the poor cousin of the OG potato — It's saved well, worked hard and made some great investments! The sweet potato knew to diversify it's investments, and you should start diversifying your use of them in the kitchen.

Steamed sweet potatoes are the simplest and healthiest way to cook them! Use a fork to poke and check for done-ness. The other method is to bake them with some salt and pepper to taste!

Alternatively, make some yummy sweet potato mash to go with your main meal. All you need to do is simmer the potatoes until soft and mash it with some salt, mixed herbs, olive oil and butter. Sour cream is an optional topping!

For sweet potato soup, boil the potatoes until soft with chicken or vegetable stock. Add salt and pepper to taste and cream if you'd like!

Sweet potatoes are also a versatile ingredient for use in various pastries and buns. Try making a sweet potato Mantou or steamed bun with some basic flour, yeast, sugar, water, cooking oil and mashed sweet potatoes.


You either pronounce it one of two ways: to-MAY-to or to-MAH-to. But there are heaps more ways to cook with tomatoes than to pronounce them!

The most obvious choice would be to puree them into a sauce! Simply dice and process them with a food processor. After that, you'll have a fresh tomato base for your pasta!

Alternatively, you can turn them into a homely soup. If the weather's been
awfully cold, hot tomato soup is perfect to warm you up!

Roast tomatoes are extremely simple to make too, just season your tomatoes with salt and pepper and bake till they're cooked through. Roast with some other vegetables to get a scrumptious meal!

Want salsa to go with your nachos? Dice up tomatoes and onions and season with lime juice, oregano, cilantro, salt and pepper. Mix all of these together to have a refreshing dip for your chips!


Time to up your flavour game! Got some turnips and not sure what to do with them? Here are our tips on how to cook these funky vegetables.

Turnip gratin is one way to turn your vegetables into a warm and hearty dish. Like regular potato gratin, simply add slices of turnips into the layers of potatoes. It's perfect for cold winters!

Otherwise, roast up chopped turnips as a rich and sweet side dish to your main dish. All you need is olive oil, salt and pepper! Add spices for seasoning as desired.

Alternatively, try using them in creamy soups. Creamy soups are made from pureeing cooked veggies with chicken broth, so you'll need a blender or immersion blender.

Lastly, try making middle Eastern pickled turnips! Their signature bright pink colour comes from a few slices of beets that are added into the jar. Make a fabulous side dish to go with your hummus, flatbread or falafel!


Ah the zucchini. Hard to spell (I always forget if it's double "c" or "n"), easy to cook with.

More than an awesome Pixar movie, ratatouille is one of the best comfort foods out there! Made of zucchinis, tomatoes, squash baked in tomato sauce, this classic French dish is perfect for cold winters.

Fritters are another zesty zucchini option! Grate the zucchinis, mix with flour, eggs, parmesan and season with salt and pepper, to taste. Pan fry each fritter until golden brown!

You can also make some baked zucchini chips with some bread crumbs and eggs. It's perfect for when you're craving some finger food that won't move you onto a looser belt loop.