Our produce guide

Want to learn new ways to cook your fave veggies? Maybe you're looking for ways to use the whole fruit or veg to reduce your food waste? Or do you just want to learn something new about particular produce?

Well, you've come to the right spot, my friend!

It can be hard coming up with new ways to cook with fruit & veg, so we've got your back. These might not be full-fledged recipes, but they're a collection of super handy tips, ideas and thought-starters that'll help to get your creative cooking juices flowing!

Our range of fruit & veg boxes

A box that's chock-a-block full of a variety of fruit and veg. You'll get a mix of some of your old favourites and a few delicious surprises that'll get your creative cooking juices flowing.

Want to get more potates on your plates? Broc in your wok? Celery in your belly? Whatever you're reason for waiting more veg in your life, this box will deliver the goods.

This box is perfect for experimenting with new smoothie combos, preparing lovely fruit salads or just making sure you have a quick brekky option in the morning.

Our office fruit boxes come packed with a nice variety of fruits that'll even appease fussy Frank in finance! Every box comes with a mix of 35 pieces of seasonal fruits.