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Protein Box

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All boxes are tax-free.

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NB: Due to strict food health and safety reasons, you must be home to receive your protein box, as we can't leave boxes unattended.

✅ RSPCA approved ✅ Halal certified ✅ Locally-sourced

Our protein boxes come packed with a variety of restaurant-quality chicken, pork, lamb and beef cuts that'll send most supermarkets scrambling.

Every box is a lovely protein-packed surprise! Just like our produce boxes, these are perfect for those of you who want to mix things up and let you culinary creativity in the kitchen take over.

Whether you get the ingredients for brilliant burgers, heavenly homemade fried chicken or your old mate, steak and 3 veg, you know that you'll be cooking with the highest quality meats.

So even though we can't promise exactly what will be in them every week, below are examples of what you could expect from our boxes:

Small box sample
(Feeds up to 2ppl)
Medium box sample
(Feeds up to 4ppl)
Large box sample
(Feeds up to 6ppl)
Whole Chicken (1.5kg) Whole Chicken (1.5kg) Whole Chicken (1.5kg)
Chicken Maryland (1kg) Chicken Maryland (1kg) Chicken Maryland (1kg)
Pork Diced (1kg) Pork Diced (1kg) Chicken Tenderloins (0.5kg)
Lamb Mince (0.5kg) Lamb Mince (0.5kg) Pork Diced (1kg)
Beef Burgers (0.5kg) Beef Stroganoff Strips (1kg) Pork Ribs (1kg)
Beef Burgers (0.5kg) Lamb Diced (0.5kg)
Lamb Mince (0.5kg)
Beef Stroganoff Strips (1kg)
Beef Burgers (0.5kg)