Variety Box (One-Off Delivery)

Variety Box (One-Off Delivery)

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Our Variety Boxes come packed with enough fruit & veg to feed up to 6 people for a whole week.

These boxes were created so that our local produce suppliers will be able to provide you with the freshest produce every week.

Every box will come with a range your old favourites, but depending on seasonality and the freshness of the produce, you'll also get a few lovely surprises added to the mix. It's like your own personal Mystery Box Challenge!

So even though we can't promise exactly what will be in them every week, here's an example of what you could expect from our Variety Boxes:

Small Box 
(Feeds up to 2ppl)
Medium Box 
(Feeds up to 4ppl)
Large Box 
(Feeds up to 6ppl)
Bananas (750g) Bananas (1kg) Bananas (1kg)
Apples (500g) Apples (1kg) Apples (1kg)
Oranges (500g) Oranges (750g) Oranges (750g)
Carrots (1kg) Carrots (1kg) Carrots (1kg)
Potato (1kg) Potatoes (1kg) Potatoes (2.5kg)
Onions (x3) Onions (x5) Onions (x5)
Tomatoes (500g) Tomatoes (750g) Tomatoes (1kg)
Broccoli (500g) Broccoli (750g) Broccoli (750g)
Zucchini (500g) Zucchini (750g) Zucchini (750g)
Spring Onions (x1) Spring Onions (x1) Spring Onions (x1)
Garlic (x1) Garlic (x1) Garlic (x1)
Lemons (x1) Lemon (x1) Lemons (x2)
Chillies (50g) Chillies (50g) Chillies (50g)
Avocados (x1) Avocados (x2) Avocados (2)
Capsicum (x1) Pears (500g) Pears (500g)
Capsicum (x2) Strawberries (250g)
Eggplant (x1) Cos lettuce (x1)
Capsicum (x2)
Eggplant (x1)
Cauliflower (x1) 
Pumpkin (1kg)
Sweet Potatoes (350g)